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  • Enliven your networks
  • Expand your community
  • Engage buyers and suppliers
  • Create your own BRIGHT Marketplace




BRIGHT by Claritum is the very latest in B2B Marketplaces. A BRIGHT marketplace enables remote trade for small and medium sized Enterprises within Networking groups.

Allowing you to create your own buyer and supplier collaborative network group, within a wider ecosystem of buyers and suppliers.

Introduction to BRIGHT by Claritum Supplier Network for simple sourcing

Networking groups

BRIGHT by Claritum facilitates inter-company trading between member organisations, as well as with others outside the member network on a managed basis (eg specified buyers).

Companies in a network can share their catalogues of products and specifications. This can be presented via an umbrella website, such as your membership own branded website.

BRIGHT by Claritum provides an opportunity for membership organisations to provide additional services and value to members, and to promote the group collectively to a wider audience.




Enable your organisation to leverage a buying and selling ecosystem to trade remotely.

By your organisation joining this marketplace, you will be part of a forever expanding network, either within a Private ”walled gardened” area or a Public worldwide network. This gives businesses the opportunity to be able to buy & sell in markets that they would never know about.




Benefits to Networking Groups:

Provide an online, branded experience to all members.
Using an affiliate programme earn additional revenues from a percentage of the member’s online marketplace subscription fees.
Deliver additional value to members & increase retention:

Helping members raise their profiles.

Facilitate intra-group trading discounts. Enhanced offering to prospective members.



Benefits to Member Organisations:

of a dedicated B2B BRIGHT marketplace....


  1. Raise your profile amongst other members of the same network.
  2. Broaden market reach; connect with other customers in other networks, other regions.


  1. Find standard products and services quicker and more accurately than an online search and manual processes.
  2. Find non-standard and custom products from a broader range of suppliers.
  3. Find and validate new suppliers quicker and more reliably than a Google search.
  4. Trusted vendors in one place providing audit, compliance and governance.
  5. Access expert advice when buying in an unfamiliar category.
  6. Drive savings (time, cost, quality, continuous improvement).

It really is that easy.


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